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Ashland University Panel Presentation On Publishing

Ashland University Panel Presentation On Publishing

Leid Stories Interview

Leid Stories Debuts “FYI” – Peer-to-Peer Teaching and Learning


Making Callaloo In Detroit: Author Tells How Culture Sustains Her Spirit


Leid Stories proudly presents the first edition of “FYI,” a mini-lecture series designed to encourage further independent research and inquiry into various subjects and issues. “Essentially, it’s peer-to-peer teaching and learning,” says Utrice Leid, host of Leid Stories.


“Harvey from Berkeley,” as he identifies himself on call-ins to the show, does an FYI titled: “Fracking: A Vector for Disease.”


The collapse of the auto industry in Detroit caused Lolita Hernandez, a 33-year worker at General Motors, to fully immerse herself into the craft of writing. Her newest book, Making Callaloo in Detroit, is a tribute both to her Caribbean lineage and the city where she was born and raised and still lives.


Against the backdrop of hard times that Detroiters have been experiencing, Hernandez discusses the ways in which her hybrid culture sustains her spirit.

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Lolita featured in the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian Magazine, WOW

July 6th, 2014