Ridgeway Press, Roseville, MI 1990


trinidad, the man


to show you how crossings are

on the island of three hills


a long time ago 

they conspired to make a meld of

every hue of skin

known to humankind

in such a way that

the intensity of the sun at noon

knew how to prepare a dazzle of greens and reds

and oranges

in total compliment


now time and place

has this same concept

in one man

with possibility

to cross

all those colors

to show time

that things like that

can be done in another place




Quiet Battles, The Wayne Writers Forum 

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 1987


Song for Demecina


Red-lipped Mama

with your braids so high

can you come with  me

see hummingbirds fly?


Can you eat some buljol

and cold farine

eat a little zabaca

and dream a little dream?


There are yellow, black

and red for you to meet

all the people of the world

inside your brown feet.


Oh come float on salt

let the sea make you light

wide your eyes to the sun

with only blue in sight.


Muchacha dance awhile

write rhythms in the sand

feel free to move about

stand eye to eye with man.


Talk to the spirits

know the secrets they hold

keep your life in motion

let your story be told.


Work and live with others

you cannot stand alone, but

understand your destiny

grab freedom for your own.


Red-lipped mama

with braids so high

climb upon hummingbird

and fly.