At the Library

Lolita Hernandez pulls you entirely into her world before she spins her tales. In her writing, you can taste the callaloo, hear the calypso music, smell the air on a gloomy Detroit day, and hear the accents of her Trinidadian kin.

Angela P. Dodson, editorial consultant and former editor for the New York Times

Autopsy of an Engine is the most surprising love story I’ve read all year. The workers in the Cadillac factory who populate this book may not be related, but in the hands of the amazing Lolita Hernandez they become one moving multicultural family. . . . I stayed up all night reading and for weeks afterward Abbie, who brought a ghost factory back to life, haunted my dreams. This is a passionate cry from the factory floor, a story you can’t forget from a voice that has not been heard before.

Ruth Reichl, Writer and Editor

Reading Making Callaloo in Detroit is like arriving at an unexpectedly fabulous party, rich with sumptuousness and surprise, peppered with a guest list eclectic and bright.

Dean Bakopoulos, Author, Screenwriter, Educator